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Tales of a Book Nympho

As book nympho, I have a reading paralysis that threatens my ability to choose just one book at a time and read it from cover to cover–they’re all just so attractive and worthy of my attention–so instead, more often than not, I find myself reading several books at a time–probably not the best idea– needless to say, finishing any one of them is merely an accomplishment I can only hope for. My chances of winning the lottery are greater..with that being said, I ask, am I the only one out there amongst all the avid readers and book junkies, who suffers from this crippling dilemma?  It would be soothing comfort to the ego knowing I am not the minority, but rather the majority.

Currently I am reading 1984, by George Orwell, which I have been carrying around with me for months (stationed somewhere around page five) while also reading Like Water for Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel in Spanish and in translation… wow, talk about ambitious, considering my skill level for reading in Spanish is low, particularly when it comes to novels anyway.  While the two text may seem like an unlikely pair, I have come to the realization that they aren’t as unparalleled as they once seemed; thematically, they share many similarities. However, one of the problems with reading multiple books simultaneously is that you run the risk of merging characters, especially if they are similar genres and time periods; luckily for me Tita hasn’t run in to Winston yet..

What books, if any, are you reading at the same time?