Category: Poetry

Brooklyn’s Ghost

The cool clammy hall of the Dorchester tenement

Welcomed my every visit for it summoned me.

Alluring was the whisper that

Echoed off the rusted walls, “this is where you belong”.

My ghost called for me commonly at the oddest hours, but

I complied; being the presences was regal.

In veracity my ghost was miles away; yet in essences close enough to

Shake my core.

My ghost has since passed on beyond the clammy halls of the

Dorchester tenement leaving only the memories of soiled floors,

Cool embracing’s, and a reluctant farewell.


The Collector

Disturbed sleepless nights, tossing and turning

With nightmares haunting my reality when

The flaccid raft leaves my stomach churning–

Gasping for air– abandoning me. Will the barge

Come to drift me ashore and the anchor rusts

From my Achilles heel? Awakened by the sound of bellicose

Engines revving; petrified, I stalk the window fearing the man

Down below. Pacing the carpet unable to retreat

Back to my slumber, the looking box becomes my comfort

When its lucid blue glare cascades the room, abating the impression

In my chest that goes Thud! Thud! Thud.