Racism Prompts Human Disposal!

What is racism?   My definition of racism is a hegemonic attitude deliberately, yet unfairly imposed upon the ignorant and naïve, passed on from generation to generation, that teaches an egotistical doctrine..

I bring this topic up, because after watching a documentary based on the child-bearing of women or lack thereof, having a negative impact on Japan’s population, and how it has opened up a new can of worms; shedding light on Japanese racism; I was left in awe.

Consequently, curiosity set in, forcing me to explore the why and how the two were conducive of one another. Now, if you are like me, you may ask what is the direct correlation of the two (Racism and population)?  While the answer to that question may seem a bit hard to wrap your psyche around, clearly the Japanese culture has pondered long and hard about this matter on how to correct it. The premise is this:

A lucrative economy depends on the productivity of its goods and services  and the people (working class) who produce the goods and services. So, if that is true, the opposite would also be true. As older citizens retire or die, the future the economy relies on the younger generation transitioning into the work force as well as the reproductive cycle to reboot itself.  Since this is not the case,the Japanese worry about the slow growth of their population attracting people from other countries such as,  Brazil, China and Korea coming in looking for work, which is something the Japanese doesn’t want.  So, rather than have an influx of people from other countries pour in for work, they have found a way to retard this process by building robots that closely resemble humans to do human like task.

While I know racism exists, I never thought about it as a problem outside of America. It really isn’t so much that I wasn’t aware of racism existing in other countries, but more astonished of the measures taken. Are the Japanese so racists that they are willing to replace human life with a robot for the sake of keeping out “foreigners”?


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